Russian scientist calls for bans on the asbestos trade to be revised, claims to have no conflict of interest

Mon, Mar 14, 2016


Kathleen Ruff,

In a message  to RightOnCanada, Russian scientist, Sergei Jargin, repeats his argument that there is no reliable scientific evidence to justify banning or restricting asbestos. Jargin claims that he has no Conflict of Interest and says that his position is different from that of President Putin and the Government of Russia.

Not a single scientist in the whole of Russia dares oppose asbestos use

The fact is, however, that President Putin, the Government of Russia and Dr. Jargin all deny the scientific evidence of harm caused by asbestos.

Because of aggressive political pressure from the Russian government (the biggest producer and seller of asbestos in the world), not a single scientist in the whole of Russia has dared, ever, to support the overwhelming scientific consensus that all forms of asbestos cause harm to health and that use of asbestos should stop.

Not a single reputable scientific body in the world supports Jargin’s arguments

The World Health Organization, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the Collegium Ramazzini, the International Joint Policy Committee of the Societies of Epidemiology, the World Federation of Public Health Associations, the Union for International Cancer Control, the International Commission on Occupational Health and other reputable organisations, after thoroughly studying the scientific evidence, have concluded that all forms of asbestos cause harm and have called for an end to any use of asbestos.

In his article, Dr. Jargin claims that the work carried out by these independent, reputable organizations on asbestos is biased, incompetent and unreliable and should be rejected.

Not a single reputable scientific body in the world supports the arguments put forward Dr. Jargin, the asbestos industry and the Government of Russia.

“Bans and restrictions on the asbestos trade, manufacturing and use should be revised,” Jargin

Dr. Jargin has put forward these same arguments in other articles.

In February 2015, Dr. Jargin sent in two messages which he wished to be posted on the website. The two messages promoted Jargin’s article, Asbestos and its substitutes: International coordination and independent research needed. This article, like the present article, claims that all the scientific evidence of asbestos harm is biased and should be rejected. “In conclusion, bans and restrictions applied by some countries to the asbestos trade, manufacturing and use should be revised on the basis of independent research,” stated Jargin.

RightOnCanada rejected Dr. Jargin’s request to promote his article, as the article put forward discredited arguments, denying harm of asbestos, that have been put forward for decades by the asbestos industry and scientists under the financial or political influence of asbestos interests.




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