Important Victory in Quebec

Tue, Aug 28, 2012


The Parti Quebecois (PQ), the official opposition party in Quebec, has just sent out a media release stating that, if the Parti Quebecois forms the next government of Quebec after the September 4 Quebec election, it will cancel the $58 million loan to the asbestos investors to open the Jeffrey asbestos mine and will instead provide these funds to support economic diversification iniatives in the asbestos mining region.

Daniel Breton, spokesperson for the PQ, said that, if the PQ forms the government, it will cancel the loan and hold parliamentary hearings, involving experts and the local population, to determine the most effective ways to diversify the economy of the area.

We will concentrate on industries for the future, said Daniel Breton, not on industies of the past.

The opinion polls presently show that the PQ will win the election with a minority government. The other Quebec opposition parties have also taken a stand to end asbestos mining, use and export. The Liberal Party of Quebec, led by Jean Charest, is now isolated as the ONLY political party in the Quebec election supporting the asbestos industry. The Liberal Party presently stands third in the polls.

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