Weather & Safety

Weather is changing on us all the time. In order to have a safe trip the correct preparations, gear and judgment is required. Please use the resources below to get what you need to know before heading into the backcountry.

See the latest in Avalanche Canada's forecasting for our area. Please use this link or download the Avalanche Canada App on your phone to use the invaluable Mountain Information Network.

Weather changes quickly in the mountains, stay on top of this with Avalanche Canada's daily forecast.

BV Overview

Trip Planning

Being aware of the terrain which you are about to endeavor into is crucial. The above image shows much, but not all, of the Bulkley Valley's ski and snowmobile terrain. Find a link below to Avalanche Canada's trip planning tools to choose the right terrain for the day.

Your life isn't worth cheaping out for, and unfortunately to ski in the backcountry safely you MUST have the proper gear. The BBSS has installed avalanche beacon checkers at the bottom and top of our Hankin Ski area to ensure the safety of all of our visitors. Please only head into the backcountry with the proper gear, emergency items and a well thought out plan.

To head into the backcountry safely you will require the following:

- A shovel

- An avalanche probe

- An avalanche locator beacon

- A form of emergency communication device


- Proper clothing and emergency supplies, always anticipate having to stay the night.


Backcountry skiing is inherently dangerous, be prepared and use your best judgement so that the best run of your life does not turn into the worst day. Get the gear and know how to use it, take a course.